Working with us comes with lots of opportunities to develop your skills and your career. If you enjoy rolling up your sleeves and working in a hands-on, mission-driven environment, Jimdo is the place for you.

Why do we work here?

Isabella - Product Manager

I enjoy working at Jimdo because at Jimdo we have a nonconformist mentality. We love change and are not afraid to experiment. Even if that means getting it wrong a few times before finding the right solution, we are all encouraged to try different ways to be better at what we do. There's always a new challenge coming up and that keeps me excited.

Lucas - Software Engineer

What I love most about Jimdo is its culture of openness. Decisions and planning happen collaboratively within the team, not top-down. Collaboration with other teams is hassle-free and the work is challenging without unrealistic goals creating avoidable pressure.

Janine - Tech Recruiter

At Jimdo I get really constructive feedback which helps me to improve. We’re all aware that everyone makes mistakes and no one would blame another person. I feel a lot of trust and love the naturalness of talking to everyone at eye level, independent of the hierarchy level. And of course I’m really happy to have my dog with me everyday. :)

Ryan - Team Lead Support

It’s so much fun to be in contact with people from so many different cultures and backgrounds. And everyone contributes different skills and perspectives, but have the common goal of making Jimdo awesome.

Lukas - Apprentice

As an apprentice, I get to work in a lot of departments and I’ve always been treated like a full team member. At Jimdo nobody would look down to you because you are an apprentice and you will always get a helpful answer to your questions.

Maria - Team Lead Communications

We’re encouraged to take on responsibility and are given the freedom to make decisions, try out new ideas and experiment. It doesn’t matter what job title you have—if you have great ideas, you’ll always be heard. I value that in a working environment because it’s amazing for professional growth and career development

Sam - Chef de Cuisine

I really enjoy the welcoming atmosphere at Jimdo. When I serve a specific dish a colleague had asked for and I receive a “you made my day, Sam!”, that is the most rewarding thing for me.

Ramona - Data Analyst

 I love the diversity of my tasks, the warm working atmosphere, and the enthusiasm for the product. Everyone is contributing and ambitious to improve the product everyday. I especially enjoy the close ties between departments and the easy way of communication with each other.

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