Your Start at Jimdo

When you start working with us, we want to make sure you feel welcome from the beginning and have all the support you need to get started! 

Here’s what you can expect when onboarding with us in Hamburg.

Meet your mentor

Your mentor will help you get started with all the tasks related to your role. They’ll also help you get to know your working environment, as well as the goals of your team. And because we really like having an open feedback culture at Jimdo, you’ll establish regular feedback sessions with your mentor in your first few months with us.

Meet your buddy

We believe that Jimdo is an awesome and unique place to work. But just as with anything new, it can take time to get used to our culture and how we do things. That’s why you’ll have a buddy to show you around, help you settle into the Jimdo way of life, and introduce you to all of the amazing colleagues you’ll have outside your own team. 

Pick your own device

Go bananas if you can’t have an Apple? Don’t worry! Most of the time, it’s up to you to pick the system you’d like to work with.

Your Welcome Day

We organize a Welcome Day for all of our new arrivals. You’ll learn everything you need to know about Jimdo and our history, the finance team will run through the facts and figures, and you’ll have a Q&A session with our People Team. And finally, because we value good communication across our teams, you’ll take part in a workshop about giving and taking feedback. 

Coming from abroad?

Yes, dealing with bureaucracy here in Germany can be tough. But we’ll be here to help you with the paperwork—from applying for your Blue Card to providing your mandatory health insurance. And when it comes to life outside of work? You can ask us anything about culture and daily life in Germany, and we’ll make sure to answer all of your questions!