Being a Jimdoer

When you work at Jimdo, you'll join a close-knit team that makes our customers the focus of everything they do. You'll gather information, try out new ideas, and decide on the best way forward. Your honesty, curiosity, and open feedback will always be welcome, as we work together to bring our customers the best products on the market.





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Expats at Jimdo

I first learned about Jimdo through a job posting on StackOverflow and eventually ended up on their technical blog. They had already built an app with Flutter which was a new technology at the time and Jimdo struck me as one of those companies that wasn’t afraid to experiment — and I wanted to be a part of it. The interview experience with them was very pleasant but I needed a visa to come to Germany. I had a ton of questions along the way, and the people here welcomed them and were extremely patient and helpful. Once I got to Germany, I was again supported with everything I needed, including an apartment ready for my stay. Over the next couple of weeks, my new colleagues gave me a warm welcome and helped me settle in. I’ve been loving it here ever since!

Aswin Koliyot

Jimdo made me feel like there was nothing I had to worry about when moving to Hamburg. They gave me a place to stay while I found my own, supported me with all the paperwork, and made me feel like there were no language barriers as someone from the company was always with me.

Jonathan Morales Vélez

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity and for having faith in me. In a world of innovation and dreams, Jimdo has given me the opportunity to explore all the possibilities and opportunities of current technology. They’ve also made me feel comfortable and settled—it’s like my second home. Working with a company like Jimdo which has great values and principles gave me immense joy and job satisfaction. Thanks, Jimdo team.

Neela Pandi

I found an open position at Jimdo and the company culture immediately caught my attention. After a few remote interviews, I was invited to the office for the last steps, where I had the chance to meet awesome people, experience the culture, and explore the city. Moving to another country is definitely intimidating, but the Jimdo team was always there to help with the visa process and relocation, and also providing a temporary apartment until I could find my own. Living and working here has been amazing and it’s one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Ricardo Smania

The path of joining Jimdo was very smooth. I always felt connected during the interview process and no questions went unanswered about the visa process or my relocation to a completely different country. And boy, was I surprised by how Jimdo made me feel when I joined! Friendly colleagues, accommodation, and quick and efficient onboarding. With Jimdo's diverse culture and so many nationalities, it felt like home in no time.

Jitendra Sisodiya

Functions at Jimdo

At Jimdo, our customers inspire everything we do. So whether you're building our products, making sure the world knows about them, talking to our customers, or keeping things moving behind the scenes, you'll have a crucial role in driving our company and our customers forward.

Product & Engineering

Jimdo is a product-driven company, and as product managers and engineers, we sit right at the heart of it. Our mission is to understand the challenges our customers face and create, build, test, and deliver real solutions. We do our best work when Product & Engineering work closely on a shared vision, to make sure what we build is reliable, scalable, and delivers the best in user experience. Our work drives the success of our company and our customers, so we gather insights quickly through testing and MVPs to continuously improve and meet new challenges. Together, we’re shaping the next generation of tools that will help small businesses grow and thrive online.

Marketing & PR

Small businesses can achieve amazing things. Here in Marketing & PR, we make sure our target customers know about all the help Jimdo can give them. From our website builder to the Legal Text Generator, we’re responsible for presenting Jimdo’s products to the world with all their unique advantages. This means you’ll find us working across social media, print, digital, and TV campaigns. Thriving in a competitive market means never standing still. So we’re always looking for new ways to make Jimdo an unmistakable brand, by developing new concepts, writing captivating copy, and working together on creative ads that bring our brand to life.


Ever fallen in love with a faceless corporation? Neither have we! That’s why our talented Marketing and UX designers use unique visuals to tell the Jimdo story. Our Marketing designers are the masters of creative storytelling. They support teams across the company with content that inspires, convinces, and entertains—on social media and online ads, landing pages, OOH, and merchandising. Our UX designers help shape the products we build. They know a great user experience can change a customer’s day, so they collaborate with stakeholders, UX writers, and developers to understand our goals and build intuitive tools. You’ll find them researching, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping, then supporting developers to make their ideas happen.


In our business, things move fast. And so do we. This means at any point in time, teams at Jimdo can be building new products, tweaking marketing strategies, experimenting with technology or coming up with new ways to solve a problem for our customers. In the Data team, we help the company navigate uncharted territory by laying the foundations for good business decisions. We generate insights to help every team achieve their goals, with A/B testing, analysing customer behaviour, and providing an accurate reporting and data infrastructure. But our mission is bigger than that—we constantly strive to improve transparency and data fluency across the company. So we can all work more efficiently, fail faster, and help more business owners across the world achieve their goals.

Customer Support

At Jimdo, our customers inspire everything we do. And nobody knows them better than we do in the Customer Support team! Every day, we help thousands of business owners become more successful by using our products. Of course, we troubleshoot and escalate technical issues, but we do so much more than that—we listen to what our customers need, get to know them, offer proactive support, solve problems, gather insights, and collaborate with other teams to continuously improve our customer experience. With the relationships we build, we’re not only giving our company the power to learn and grow, we’re making a real difference to the lives of entrepreneurs all over the world.  

Business Support

With over 220 employees in Hamburg and Tokyo, Jimdo takes some managing behind the scenes. While our designers, developers, writers, and engineers are working to give our customers the best products on the market, our Business Support teams keep everything at Jimdo running smoothly. Whether you’re looking after your colleagues in the People Team, balancing the books in Finance, making buying decisions in Procurement, protecting our staff and users in Legal, or keeping everyone happy and comfortable (and well-fed!) as a member of the Facilities team—you’ll make it easy for all other teams to use best practices and perform at their best, no matter what challenges come next.

How we hire

Our top interview tip: Be yourself! We’re a close-knit team and if you’re successful, we want you to love being a part of it. So it’s important to be open and honest, and let us get to know the real you.

Send us your application

Found a role you like? Great! Send us a CV (and portfolio for design roles) with your qualifications and experience, briefly describing what you did in previous roles. You can add a cover letter to tell us more about you, what makes you a great fit for the role, and why you want to work at Jimdo!

Meet the Talent Team

Your first interview will be with the Talent Team and is all about getting to know you, your working style, and your career aspirations. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask us questions about the role and life at Jimdo.

Complete an online assessment

Depending on the role you’ve applied for, we might ask you to take a short online test to show us your technical skills.

Meet the Hiring Team

In your second interview, you’ll meet the Team Lead or another colleague from the team you’re applying for. We’ll discuss the specific tasks involved in the role, the technical stack we use, and what to expect if you join our team.

Your trial day at Jimdo

For your trial day, we’ll invite you to spend a day with us remotely so you can get to know your potential new team members, see what it’s really like working at Jimdo, and decide if you can see yourself here long-term.

You’ve got the job!

Congratulations! It’s time to get ready for your first day at Jimdo. Our onboarding process will help you feel at home here from day one. Whether it’s meeting your new colleagues, getting around Hamburg or just ordering lunch—we’ve got you covered.

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