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“ My work life does not revolve around trains anymore, which is amazing. Once you realize how much time you save when working remotely, it is game changing. ”

Luca Galeazzi 
Senior Frontend Engineer, Italy

“ Joining Jimdo was such a seamless experience, I absolutely loved it! From a software perspective, I already started contributing code in the first few days because of how comfortable I felt. ”

Abubakar Sambo
Frontend Software Engineer, Nigeria

“ During my time with Jimdo, I have been able to continuously grow and take on new challenges. The company has put a lot of trust in me. ”

Barbara Gabelli
Head of Marketing Operations, Germany

“ I love the cultural diversity of our team. I get to travel the world and visit my colleagues all over the globe without leaving my chair. ”

Kira Macdonald
Communications and DEI Manager, USA

“ I work as a tracking specialist but I’m a gamer at heart. I decorated my “office” with many coloured LEDs to reflect my passion. After work I often meet with my colleagues to play “Gartic Phone” - virtually of course. ”

Arthur Bonavita
Tracking Specialist, Italy

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Teams at Jimdo

At Jimdo, our customers inspire everything we do. So whether you are building our products, making sure the world knows about them, talking to our customers, or keeping things moving behind the scenes, you will have a crucial role in driving our company and our customers forward.


Engineering excellence to empower small businesses. Join us in revolutionizing the landscape for small businesses. As an engineer with our team, your expertise will be instrumental in developing groundbreaking, AI-driven tools that transform the way solopreneurs and small businesses operate. Be a part of a dynamic team where your technical skills contribute directly to empowering small businesses to succeed.


Pioneering product management for small business empowerment. Join the Product Team to lead the development of innovative, AI-based solutions that solve challenges and unlock opportunities for solopreneurs and small businesses. Your role is not just about managing products; it's about creating pathways for small businesses to thrive in an ever-changing competitive market. Be the catalyst that brings cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurial ambition together. 


At Jimdo, everything we do is rooted in data. The executive team is laser-focused on our key business metrics. Product and Marketing teams constantly run experiments to learn and improve the business in a measurable way. Engineers make sure they track the impact of new features and closely monitor our infrastructure and systems. And data does not stop at Jimdo: we empower our customers to make data-driven decisions as they run and grow their businesses!

Our best-in-class data team uses a state-of-the-art data stack to keep all these timely and impactful data insights flowing and to improve transparency and data fluency across the company. We are passionate users of Python and SQL and leverage open-source technologies such as Airflow, DBT, Kubernetes, and Spark. In a fast-moving data landscape, we are constantly evolving our stack and recently migrated our data warehouse to Snowflake. If you enjoy digging deep and want to help small businesses succeed, we’d love to meet you!    


Spotlight on small businesses and self-employed.

Here in Marketing, we make sure our customers know about all the ways Jimdo can support them and help them grow. We're constantly looking for new ways to make Jimdo a brand of choice for small businesses and self-employed. We develop new designs, write compelling copy, and collaborate on creative concepts that bring our brand to life across social channels, print and digital media, and TV campaigns. If you're looking for an inspiring environment where you can apply your skills and work on exciting projects with our dedicated team, we'd love to meet you. Join the marketing team and help Jimdo unleash the power of small businesses.

Experience Design

Ever fallen in love with a faceless corporation? Neither have we! That’s why our talented Marketing and UX designers use unique visuals to tell the Jimdo story. Our Marketing designers are the masters of creative storytelling. They support teams across the company with content that inspires, convinces, and entertains—on social media and online ads, landing pages, OOH, and merchandising. Our UX designers help shape the products we build. They know a great user experience can change a customer’s day, so they collaborate with stakeholders, UX writers, and developers to understand our goals and build intuitive tools. You’ll find them researching, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping, then supporting developers to make their ideas happen.

Customer Experience 

Are you passionate about delivering exceptional customer experience? Do you love the idea of helping small business owners succeed? Join our incredible Customer Experience Team to become a true partner in our customers' entrepreneurial journey! At Jimdo, our customers inspire everything we do. And nobody knows them better than we do in the Customer Experience team! Every day, we help thousands of business owners become more successful by using our products. Of course, we troubleshoot and escalate technical issues, but we do so much more than that—we listen to what our customers need, get to know them, offer proactive support, solve problems, gather insights, and collaborate with other teams to continuously improve our customer experience. With the relationships we build, we’re not only giving our company the power to learn and grow, we’re making a real difference to the lives of entrepreneurs all over the world.  

Business Partners

With over 240 employees distributed in 15+ countries, Jimdo takes some managing behind the scenes. While our designers, developers, writers, and engineers are working to give our customers the best products on the market, our Business Support teams keep everything at Jimdo running smoothly. Whether you are  looking after your colleagues in the People Team, balancing the books in Finance, making buying decisions in Procurement, protecting our staff and users in Legal, or keeping everything running in Operations —you will  make it easy for all other teams to use best practices and perform at their best, no matter what challenges come next. 

How to become a Jimdoer

Our top interview tip: 

Be your authentic self! We are a values-driven team, and it's important that the role and environment are the right fit for you!

Submit your application

Interested in one of our advertised roles? Great! Submit a CV including your qualifications and prior experience. You can add a cover letter to tell us more about you, what makes you a great fit for the role, and why you want to work at Jimdo!

Let's get to know each other 

Your first interview will be with someone from the People Team and it is all about better understanding your work experience, preferred working style, and career aspirations. It is equally an opportunity for you to ask us questions about Jimdo and the role.

Meet the Hiring Team

In your second interview, you will meet the Hiring Manager or another hiring team member to explore your role-related competencies and experience in greater depth. We will discuss the role scope, the tools we use, and what you can expect if you join our team.

Complete an assessment

 Depending on which role you are interviewing for, we might ask you to complete a small case study to present in a third interview. Alternatively, for technical roles, we would ask you to participate in a live technical session to showcase your skills.

Experience the team

We close out the interview process with one or two final interviews. There will be a team interview to explore how you collaborate, communicate, and would complement the team. This is an important opportunity for you to ask questions and decide if this is the place for you! For leadership roles, there would be one additional stage to explore this experience further.

You're a JimNEWer!

Congratulations! After demonstrating the tremendous value you will bring to our team, you have received and accepted our employment offer. We are really excited to have you on board and see the impact you have in the months and years to come! 

One important note: We use to support our hiring process. You can find detailed information regarding the collection and processing of the data in Ashby's privacy policy. In case you don’t agree with Ashby’s privacy policy, we would ask you to send us your application directly via mail ([email protected]) so we can deal with it separately. Your data can be changed or deleted anytime by sending an email to [email protected].

Jimdo is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer. This means that we don’t discriminate based on race or ethnic origin, color, the language(s) you speak, where you (or your parents) are from, or whether or not you consider yourself to have a disability. Neither will your age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, or political opinions play a part in your application with us. Our diverse team values and celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. We embrace differences and believe that they enrich our organization, making us stronger and more innovative. Join us, and let's continue to create a workplace where everyone can thrive, regardless of background or identity.

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